Growing up in La Réunion made me an aspiring Geographer.

What do most people think of when they hear about La Réunion? As it turns out, a big amount of them don’t think of anything, simply because they ignore its existence. So let’s clear that up first: La Réunion is a French island in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar and next door to Mauritius Island. ···

I was offered to testify for this article about medical transphobia.

This spring I was offered by journalist Bruno Lus to tell of my experience as a trans woman regarding health professionals. ···

Daily life of a Niléane #2: new confidence and hassles.

When I was writing here last time, in March 2017, I was telling you about all these important steps I was beginning to tackle. One at a time, they help me realise that time is passing, that things are getting better, and can get better. ···