My proud look. Or something like that. Student in Geography & Urban Planning. In favor of an open web, and sometimes web designer. I’m a trans woman with a bunch of cute curls on my head.

My thoughts and various texts are published on my blog. I’m fairly active on Twitter, although I do reserve the right to be uninteresting, innocent, and grumpy.

I grew up in La Réunion, an obviously wonderful island, about which you obviously know everything, because this is the most unique place that you can possibly think of.

I moved to Lyon, France, in 2014 where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Geography, at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

I’m living in Grenoble, France, since 2018, and currently studying for a master’s degree in Urban planning and Urban Design.

From 2012 to 2015 I actively contributed to the late projects of the Mozilla foundation as App Reviewer on the (now dead) Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS. My other various projects and experimentations related to the Web are almost all on Github.